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As part of its mission, CUCM™ will build on the achievements of UCAOA and support the specialty of Urgent Care and its clinicians and patients in the following ways:

  • Help determine the optimal role and integration of urgent care medicine into the nation's many, complex healthcare systems.
  • Examine and improve systems issues in urgent care medicine practice.
  • Advocate for and represent the specialty in the political and regulatory processes that affect urgent care.
  • Assist regulators and insurers in their understanding of the importance, advantages, and impact of urgent care medicine.
  • Educate patients and other health-care consumers about the role of urgent care medicine.


    CUCM (UCCOP) Endorses Ohio Opiate Guidelines

    Recently the state of Ohio decided to create guidelines for opiate and other dangerous drug precribing in the acute care setting. CUCM was there to represent urgent care providers and help assure the guidelines were both effective and not burdeonsome for urgent care centers. The guidelines can be found here.

    CUCM welcomes requests from both government agencies and members of our specialty to get involved in improving the health and well being of our patients and providers. If you want our help you can contact us here.



    If you would like to assist CUCM™ in this aspect of its mission, please email us at info@CoUCM.org. Also, consider a donation to or sponsorship of the Urgent Care Association of America Foundation

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